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Frederick TimeBank

Exciting changes coming your way!

There are some exciting changes coming your way in the near future . . . . One of those changes starts immediately. We have decided to increase the amount of TimeBucks new members receive upon joining the TimeBank to 5. That's right - 5! We want to make sure you are able to dive right in and start using the TimeBank from the start without worrying where more TimeBucks are going to come from. We know that in the beginning it can take some time for you to accrue TimeBucks to use for yourself as you post your offers and what for people to respond. While you're waiting, you can go ahead and use your "new member" TimeBucks to experience the value of the TimeBank personally. We just didn't think 2 TimeBucks (the old amount) was enough to help you do that.

And what about existing members? We want to be fair to everyone. All current members will get an additional 3 TimeBucks added to their account balance. Please bear with us. It will take a little time to go in and add it to everyone as we will have to do it manually, one member at a time. But rest assured your additional TimeBucks are coming. How will you spend them?